What is "Friends of the Family"?

Friends of the Family is a charity for vulnerable families and their children
who live in the Winchester district. It is managed by Trustees and run by professional staff and volunteers. It is a small, friendly organisation which
was established in 1993, and is based at the Quaker Meeting House in the
centre of Winchester.

Over the years, Friends of the Family has assisted more than 200 families.

Why was Friends of the Family Founded?

Friends of the Family was founded in 1993 by Ann Titman, at that time a
social worker with families in Andover, and Dorothy Richardson, a
magistrate who was Chair of the Bench of the Juvenile Panel in Andover.
Both were concerned about vulnerable young families not getting the help
and support they needed at an early stage in the life of their family.
The children of these vulnerable families often then appeared in the courts
for offending behaviour as they grew older.

Social services, the police, doctors and health visitors were consulted,
and Friends of the Family came into existence after some local fund-raising
and with the support of the Quaker Meeting House. We continue to receive generous hospitality and support from the Quakers.

Friends of the Family are looking for volunteers. CLICK HERE for more details.

Charity comission number 1143462 and company number 7577875
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